The Benefits of Early Learning

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After the Day Care Centre Crying: The Three C's You Need to Follow!

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Have your child’s early days in a day care centre have been a major tear-filled struggle? If you’re feeling like it’s time to give up and resign from your job to keep your little one at home forever, don’t despair. You can survive this transition more easily than you ever thought with the help of the the three “C’s” below.  Cue the Consistency Whilst it’s hard—possibly even harder for you than it is for your child—you need to be consistent right now. Read More»

2 Safety Checks to Make Before Settling on a Childcare Centre

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One of the most important factors when looking for child care facilities is to assess the safety of a given facility for your child(ren)’s needs. At home, you’re responsible for ensuring high safety standards, but away from home, this job falls to the care providers to whom you entrust your child. Checking in advance that they are prepared for various emergencies should be top on your list before giving the green light on any facility. Read More»