The Benefits of Early Learning

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5 Reasons to Send Your Young Child to Preschool

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Sending your young child to preschool can seem like a daunting task, but the benefits far outweigh any worries or hesitation you may have. It's important to remember that preschool isn't just about learning letters and numbers — it's also an opportunity for your child to learn social skills, explore their interests, and grow in confidence. Scroll down to find out more!

1. Social Skills

Preschool is the perfect place for children to learn how to interact with other kids in a healthy way and how to share toys, take turns, and express themselves. The socialisation aspect of preschool helps children develop empathy for others as well as strengthen their problem-solving skills.

2. Academic Readiness

While it's true that some children will pick up academic skills more quickly than others, a quality early learning program can help all children get ready for kindergarten by teaching them concepts such as counting, shapes, colours, letters, and more. A good preschool curriculum should also include activities that reinforce these concepts in creative ways so that children don't feel overwhelmed or bored.

3. Self-Confidence

The right preschool program can give your child an environment where they feel safe enough to take risks without fear of failure or judgement from peers or teachers. This feeling of security encourages them to explore new ideas while developing their self-confidence through positive experiences with teachers and classmates alike.

4. Exploration of Interests

Preschool gives young children a chance to explore their interests in a fun and engaging way through age-appropriate activities like art projects and music classes that help spark creativity in imaginative playtime sessions with other kids who share similar interests. Through this exploration process, children can begin forming passions that may last throughout their educational journey.

5. Parental Support

While sending your little one off to school may be difficult at first, it's important for parents too! Having a few hours each day away from parenting can provide much-needed time for getting errands done or catching up on work around the house.


Preschool is an invaluable experience both for you and your young child! Not only does it give them the opportunity to learn valuable skills such as basic academics and socialisation, but it also encourages exploration of interests, boosts self-confidence, and provides parental support along the way! To learn more about the available preschools in your area, reach out to education providers near you.