The Benefits of Early Learning

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Reasons to choose a bilingual early childhood center

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Australia is a nation with great linguistic diversity: Australians speak over 160 different languages, with around a sixth of all Australian children speaking another language at home. As a result, bilingual early childhood care and education are growing trends in Australia. When deciding whether bilingual education is right for your child, here are some factors to consider. Fluency in a global world In an increasingly interconnected world, fluency in multiple languages will be increasingly important for everyone, and early childhood is the best time to develop language skills. Read More»

How to Find the Perfect Kindergarten

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If you are a first-time parent, the thought of sending your child to kindergarten can be a little overwhelming. For years you will have been the one guiding and teaching your child at every stage. You will have watched them grow and noted every small step on their journey. Now, probably for the first time, you are handing them into the care of someone else. Some people see kindergarten as little more than a regular babysitting service, but that view is seriously mistaken. Read More»