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Questions To Ask Your Potential Nanny

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Getting the right caretaker for your child can be very stressful. This is because you have to consider numerous factors to ensure that your child receives the best care. One strategy that you can use to find a nanny is to invite potential candidates and interview them. Below are several questions that you can ask your potential nannies. Based on their responses, you can select the one whose skills and experience matches your needs.

Do you have children of your own?

It is essential to know whether your nanny has their own children. Although this question might seem biased, it is not. This is because it helps you to determine whether the nanny has basic skills on how to handle children. As such, it is much safer to leave your child with someone who has raised several of her own instead of someone who is yet to interact extensively with children. A nanny who has children of their own can also find it easier to read the nonverbal signs by the child such as constant crying or a poor appetite.

What first aid skills do you possess?

Emergencies can arise when you are not around, so it is best to have a caretaker who has basic first aid skills. One should always take extra precautions when dealing with children. An example of a problem that arises when feeding a child is choking. In case this happens, an ideal nanny should be able to deal with the situation without panicking. The good thing is that these skills are taught at various medical facilities and in case you have a good candidate who lacks the skills, you can ensure they attend the training sessions before they start work.

Are you available all the time?

Depending on your schedule you might want a nanny who is available full time or part-time. These terms should be stated clearly before the commencement of any work. It would be an inconvenience to hire a nanny who only works part-time, yet you are also occupied with work the whole day. Make sure you clearly state your desired schedule to the potential candidates. If the child is young, then you should pick a nanny who is available on a full-time basis.

How many years of experience do you have?

A nanny with many years of experience will most definitely provide better care to your children than another with only several weeks of experience.