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Helpful Tips for Struggling First-Time Kindergarten Teachers

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One of the most significant milestones in a child's life is starting kindergarten. Notably, kindergarten provides an opportunity for early education and acts as a foundation for a child's physical, emotional, psychological, and intellectual development. Therefore, kindergarten educators must have prerequisite skills and experience to guide children under their care. That said, most first-time kindergarten teachers often wish to get the inside scoop from experienced educators on how to succeed. Here are expert tips from kindergarten educators that first-time teachers can rely on.

Read to Kids — Kindergarten reading exercises are crucial since they help a child to get ready for more complex activities in the future. Thus, some first-time kindergarten teachers emphasise letting kids take the lead during reading exercises. Although the intentions might be genuine, reading to children as often as possible is advisable. The reason is that everyone, including adults, is hardwired to listen to stories due to the power of imagination. Thus, reading to kindergarten students helps build rapport. Once kids get in the habit of listening to you, they will trust you, making it easy for them to understand your lessons.

Emphasise Genuine Conversations — Children who develop strong oral skills early rarely have behavioural issues, such as stage fright or shyness, as they grow. Therefore, kindergarten presents the best time to help children develop their oral language. Thus, rather than let students talk among themselves throughout the day, you can snag time to have genuine conversations with them. For instance, you can ask them questions about their feelings and the reasons for them. Such open-ended questions allow kids to respond in complete sentences that help develop their oral skills. You should also encourage parents to do the same at home or anywhere else. As a child's oral language improves, it becomes easier to express themselves.

Channel Your Inner Child — A serious face will not get you very far as a first-time kindergarten teacher. Most kindergarteners tend to shut down when they meet a new face that rarely smiles or participates in the fun. One thing you must never forget is that a kindergarten is a place that nurtures children's hearts, teaches social and emotional skills, and ultimately encourages fun. You can only sync with your kindergarteners if you channel your inner child. Therefore, laugh at their jokes, join in their messy plays and do not mind some of their 'instructions.' It is all part of having fun and learning simultaneously. By channelling your inner child, you understand kindergartners better.

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