The Benefits of Early Learning

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How can you tell if your child has a learning disability?

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During their early learning years, children master the basics of reading, writing and simple math, each at their own pace. However, grasping these basic skills can be perplexing to some children. If you notice that your child has an obvious problem with letters, numbers or speech, they may have a learning disability. Learning disabilities are a spectrum of disorders that affect how information is processed by the brain, making it hard to comprehend certain concepts. Read More»

5 Activities To Do With A Child In Preschool

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Do you find yourself always stuck at home with your child? Are you and your child both bored of occasionally going to the same park down the street? Or maybe you just want something fun to do today? Here are 5 activities to do with your child to prevent boredom, and to bond with each other.  Drive In Drive Ins are a suitable, yet entertaining activity for you and your child. Drive Ins are not costly, usually being free or very cheap. Read More»

How Teachers Can Assist You In Preparing Your Child For School

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Children often find it difficult to adapt to school. However, you can cooperate with the teachers to make the transition from home to school smoother for your child. This approach is ideal since teachers have sufficient experience in dealing with children and school readiness. Below are various ways that the teachers can assist you in preparing your child for school. Introduce them to the teacher before school opens It is challenging for children to meet and interact with new adults easily. Read More»

Questions to Ask a Potential Preschool for Your Child

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Enrolling your child in their first childcare or preschool facility can be a big step, for you and for your child. This is why it’s important that you ask the right questions when interviewing such facilities, so you know the transition to day-care will be as easy as possible for your child, and that they will be cared for properly while at the facility. Note a few questions to ask a potential preschool for your child so you know you find the right choice and are happy with that choice for as long as your child is enrolled. Read More»

3 Things to Look For In a Quality Childcare Facility

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Quality childcare is very important for parents who need to leave a child with someone else during the day, as you want to know that your child will be safe but also happy when they’re being cared for by someone else. While finding quality childcare can be difficult, note a few things you might look for in such a facility, and this will ensure you make the best decision for your child overall. Read More»

Questions To Ask Your Potential Nanny

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Getting the right caretaker for your child can be very stressful. This is because you have to consider numerous factors to ensure that your child receives the best care. One strategy that you can use to find a nanny is to invite potential candidates and interview them. Below are several questions that you can ask your potential nannies. Based on their responses, you can select the one whose skills and experience matches your needs. Read More»

4 Tips to Reduce Cost of Child Care while on Vacation

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Travelling with young children requires adequate planning for their care, particularly if the adults want some time by themselves to relax while on vacation. There are many options for child care, but not every family will have all the options at their disposal. This article discusses some tips and options to help you lower the cost of vacation child-care packages. 1. Choose family resorts Family resorts often have different on-site child-care facilities to choose from. Read More»

After the Day Care Centre Crying: The Three C's You Need to Follow!

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Have your child’s early days in a day care centre have been a major tear-filled struggle? If you’re feeling like it’s time to give up and resign from your job to keep your little one at home forever, don’t despair. You can survive this transition more easily than you ever thought with the help of the the three “C’s” below.  Cue the Consistency Whilst it’s hard—possibly even harder for you than it is for your child—you need to be consistent right now. Read More»

2 Safety Checks to Make Before Settling on a Childcare Centre

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One of the most important factors when looking for child care facilities is to assess the safety of a given facility for your child(ren)’s needs. At home, you’re responsible for ensuring high safety standards, but away from home, this job falls to the care providers to whom you entrust your child. Checking in advance that they are prepared for various emergencies should be top on your list before giving the green light on any facility. Read More»