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3 Trending Technologies for Preschool Teachers

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Early childhood education (ECE) has changed significantly over the years. For example, no longer are preschoolers restricted to traditional forms of learning. Also, teachers are embracing technology in classrooms. In the past, the use of technology in education was limited to middle-aged kids, but it is not the case today. While teachers should provide preschoolers with time to play and use their imaginations, they should remember that the 21st century kids are crazy about technology. Therefore, teachers must ensure that kids learn to use education-based technology from a young age. Integrating technology in preschool reinforces critical technical skills that children need to thrive in a continually evolving world. This article highlights trending tech tools that preschool teachers can use to enhance the learning experience.

Digital Storytelling

When children join preschool, the main objective is to extend their language skills through reading and writing. One of the best ways to get positive results is through storytelling, which bridges the gap between preschoolers' oral skills and the formal print language. However, rather than rely on stories in print, teachers should begin to embrace digital storytelling. Many websites and applications today encourage preschoolers to tap into their imaginations to produce digital narratives. Some of the digital storyboards available help children create visual stories, design, and narrate their work. The technology keeps children engaged and encourages conceptualisation.

Virtual Timers

In the past, preschool teachers had to keep a close eye on kids to ensure the timely completion of tasks. However, if you are trying to teach children about accountability and self-regulation, standing over them in class can be counterproductive. Therefore, preschool teachers need virtual timers in this regard. The online clocks and stopwatches display time on a computer screen or interactive whiteboard for kids to see. The best part is that virtual timers come in different playful designs, which kids find interesting.

Online Behavior Systems

Managing several preschool classes is a challenging task for most teachers. You have to keep track of present and past behaviour, which is difficult and tiresome to do manually. Behaviour management software helps preschool teachers manage their classrooms online with relative ease. For instance, a teacher can award children points for various acts, such as participating in classroom activities, assisting others, exercising creativity, and even showing leadership skills. Moreover, online behaviour systems can be accessed remotely from smartphones, especially if the software runs in the cloud. If you are a preschool teacher managing more than one group of early learners, get an online behaviour system to make your work easy.

Speak with other professionals who teach preschool to see how they're using technology.